Daily Wellness Raw CBDa Capsules

Daily Wellness Raw CBDa Capsules

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Whole Plant Capsules (30 Count)  
600 MG Per Bottle 

Users report a sense of well being, calm, peaceful energy, focus, and relief. (Results may vary)

  • Grown and Made in the USA
  • Raw, Vegan, Non GMO, Natural
  • Full Spectrum of raw cannabinoids, terpenes, and vital nutrients
  • USDA Organic Hemp Flower
  • Solvent-less, chemical free and lab tested for potency and safety
  • Non Psychoactive  / Less than 0.3% THC content
CBDa 20 MG 600 MG

How to use: 
Take one capsule in the morning and/or at night.

Ingredients: fresh organic hemp flowers, organic hemp seed powder, vegan capsules