Micro-dosing With Cannabis & Hemp

Micro dosing has usually been associated with LSD and other hallucinogens like magic mushrooms, DMT, and salvia but there is a growing movement for cannabis micro dosing.

The theory is that a large dose wastes product and sometimes diminishes benefits, while a small dose over a period of time helps achieve the users desired effects using as little product as possible.

In a 2012 study, advanced cancer patients who were not responding to opioid painkillers were given a THC/CBD compound, at low, medium, and high doses. Patients who received the lowest dose responded better to opioid treatment than those given a larger dose.

Other studies have shown that higher doses significantly improved sleep, anxiety, and pain during a crisis while lowering daily doses to the point of micro dosing was beneficial in creating maintenance plan after a crisis.

So, What is the optimal micro dose for cannabis?

The short answer is that it depends on the person.

Cannabis dosing is personal. There is no magic number.

Results vary and depend on each person’s endocannabinoid system, potency, tolerance, other medications taken, and how you metabolizing cannabinoids.

Always speak with your doctor to confirm that you are not taking any medications that may cause interactions with hemp derived products.

Start small with micro dosing and move up until you find your ideal dose.

Keep in mind that as life changes so may your ideal dose. Always listen to your body and make changes accordingly.

How can I start micro dosing?  

Micro dosing is using as little as possible to achieve your desired effect.

Tinctures seem to be the most effective way to start a micro dosing routine because it’s easier to measure doses with a dropper than other forms of consumption.

Hemp Tinctures are ideal for users that want to minimize exposure to THC. Full Spectrum Hemp Tinctures are infused or extracted from cannabis flower with .3% THC or less.

STEP 1:  Find a full spectrum CBD Tincture. (Before buying any product, always make sure to look over the lab results to confirm potency, terpene profile, and that the product safe for consumption.)

AVA Wellness 1:1 CBD/CBDa Full Spectrum Daily Tincture is a great option for micro dosing. Its made from fresh, local, and USDA organic certified hemp flower, and is infused into MCT oil using low temperatures and no chemicals or solvents.

This tincture comes packed with terpenes, cannabinoid acids, and cannabinoids making way for the powerful “entourage effect” – The effect when multiple cannabinoids, terpenes, and other plant compounds from the cannabis sativa or hemp plant work together to magnify each other’s effects on the body.

STEP 2: Start with .25 or 25% of the dropper daily for 3-5 days

STEP 3:  Move up to .50 or 50% of the dropper daily for 3-5 days and continue increasing by .25 or 25% of the dropper every 3-5 days until you reach the desired effect.

Following this protocol will help you work up to the lowest effective dose for your desired effect thus minimizing any potential waste in product and lowering costs.